10 free of charge adventurous games for PC and browsers

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10 free of charge adventurous games for PC and browsers

If you want to play Best PC games at free of cost you are at right place following are the best Pc games:

1.Cookie Clicker

This is fun and simple game, technically it is about you get a cookie in return of per click and as many cookies you have will give you power ups and other bonus features such as automatic curser which help you in attaining more cookies. The whole hustle which you are doing is for the sake of brining cookies from the past through time machine. Though you have to click like a crazy person to score on this game but it is a source to pass your time.

2.Game of Bombs

This game renovates the Bomberman, now multiple players can play this game online and can see each other’s scores. This makes it more interesting and increase level of competitiveness. The core features of the game are same use bombs for your protection against monsters and to move forward, along with this you have to protect yourself from bombs as well. Whatever you find during the journey take it, this will increase your score and power. Point of parity in this game is that you are able to make cartel with multiple people and can play as a team against other players.

3. Superhot

This is very imaginative and expressive game, purpose of this, game is simple yet unique in nature such as your movement and time are interlinked if one is not moving it will stop other as well. This will give player time to make strategy. It’s not just a game but a full experience something extra ordinary with in ordinary.

4. Little Alchemy

This is not like usual causal game it use literal and analytical thinking, there are almost 400 compounds and your task is to make something new with the combination of existing ones. This is highly competitive game yet multiplayer is not available but it is highly interactive in nature.

5. Rad Soldiers

This is highly interactive game, basically a war is occurring between you and your pc considered as two different empires, bonus factors which are available here is you will get a new solider after certain level of score, and each new solider has its own power which will help you during the whole process.

6. The Fancy Pants Adventure World 2

This is very simple yet very interactive game, there are two major characters in this game one is a hero and other is evil .You are playing as a hero and have to save all your things from the evil. The thing which makes it more fun is hero is not simple animated character it’s a pencil drawn hero. These things makes it unique.

7. Angry Birds

Who didn’t know about angry birds now it’s more advanced features are also available or you can play this offline as well.

8. Monopoly Board Game

This is just like traditional monopoly game where one have had opportunity to purchase land, build houses and hotels and earn return in the form of rent of these places, surprising factors came in the form of Chances and Community chest whatever came in these cards players are obliged to do so. This is very intelligent game player need strategies, tactics and luck to win it.

This is a multiple player online game.

9. Flow colors

This is a simple puzzle game which gradually become harder after each passing level, only rule in this game is that lines shouldn’t be overlapped with each other. Its simplicity made lots of people addictive of it.

10. Ms Paints Adventure.

This is an adventures game and gave players democratic power through which players can vote for things events and circumstances they want to happen next.  Each representation is along with explanation so you have to select the best items out of all. Better choices you made increase your probability to win the game.

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