13 wrong moves that must be avoided after waking up

13 wrong moves that must be avoided after waking up

To start a day we do lots of mistakes that won’t be done to have a healthier and relaxed life. When we wake up we do almost all the things that ought to be forbidden. Here is the list of things that must be transformed from the start of the day till the night.

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Snoozing an alarm

Nothing is more delightful than a few more minutes of sleep. Putting the mobile on alarm is not a better idea to start a day with a fresh mood. According to Timothy Morgenthaler as sleep expert, snooze alarm is not a good idea to start a day. If you fall asleep after hitting the alarm button then it might be chances of having a sleep cycle that won’t be able to finish.

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Checking email after you wake up

If you put up your phone close to you while sleeping as most of the Americans do, then the second thing you probably do is to check your inbox and scroll through it. But that’s not the right thing to do. Julie Morgenstern, the author of the book, “Never check email in the morning” told that “if you start your morning like this, “you will never be recovered”.


Drinking coffee at the same time as getting ready

If you think that you cannot go until having a cup of coffee than you must think again. Your body naturally produces higher amounts of the stress hormone cortisol, which normalize energy level, between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. so for coffee lovers the best time to drink coffee is after 9:30 a.m. 


8 a.m not eating breakfast

Speaking with the registered dietitian Lisa DeFazio, he told to one of the spokesperson of a renowned newspaper that the first meal of the day starts your metabolism and refill blood sugar levels, and therefore you can deliberate and remain productive for the whole day. Or else you cannot focus and you feel irritable and have tough time to concentrate. DeFazio suggested several easy-to-eat breakfasts that are flawless for the workday, including fiber-filled oatmeal and protein-packed smoothies.

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Arriving late at work

According to one of the study, bosses tend to note the employees more who show up late at work, so even if they reside late at office it doesn’t add up to their performance. Bosses grant lower ratings to the late comers.

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Doing your trouble-free task first

With research the results show up that your will power and energy decreases as the day goes on. But even if you think that you can go off with the equal will power and energy the whole day then you must do the most important task of the day. Because you never know that with which stack you will deal further.


Clearing up the inbox

Everyone got a different personality, some people want their inbox to be unfilled and others just look up the whole inbox and respond accordingly. But considering only important emails is the better idea to accumulate time and energy as well.

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Eating lunch on your desk

Research suggests that preparing lunch with your colleagues helps you to work together in a better way and make good bonding with them. It also facilitates you to enhance your performance. Taking a break while doing any kind of work is highly recommended and it boost up the level of efficiency afterwards.

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Listening to music even as working

If you believe that listening to music while doing your work will boost your energy and attention further then you might be thinking wrong. One of the spokesperson of a renowned newspaper spoke with neuroscientist and musician Daniel Levitin, he told him that your performance undergo by a long way when you listen to music.


Skipping the gym

After a hectic day, all you want to do is turn into pajamas, watch something on Netflix, and order something delicious to munch. But if you sneak into a workout, your body and mind will be more stress-free and thank you.  Workout will reduce your stress and anxiety, weight lose and lower rates of heart attack.

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Munching dinner too late

Rebecca Harrington reported to one of the well-known newspaper, that eating too late might affect your sleep and your capability sustains a healthy weight. It’s best to eat three hours before bedtime i.e. if you are going to sleep at 11 pm your munch time would be 8 p.m.   

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Spending most of the time on social media

Scrolling through different social media websites i.e Facebook, Instagram would not be the best option. You might seem that I will relax your mind but it is not. With the findings of one of the research, while skimming through the updates and postings of your friends, it can put us into a bitter mood. That is because we are spiteful of the vacations and travelling of our friends publicizing.


Checking your email before going to bed

The usage of any kind of media before bed will harm your sleep. The blue light emitted from digital devices can hinder with the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, which makes it difficult to fall and continue napping.

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