190th birthday of Sandford Fleming, inventor of time zone

190th birthday of Sandford Fleming, the inventor of standard time zone

Sir Sandford Fleming the inventor of standard time zone was born in kirkcaldy on 7th January 1827. He was a Scottish born Canadian engineer first projected the time zone that is still being used all around the world. He proposed the idea of time zone in February 1879 at a meeting of Royal Canadian Institute.

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In ancient times people rely on sun to measure the time. Fleming planned the idea that the world will be alienated into 24 time zones starting from Greenwich Meridian and break them all at 15 degree intervals. Fleming’s proposal was taken up at the International Prime Meridian Conference on January 1, 1985 and 25 nations had attended it. Google shaped the idea of celebrating 190th birthday of Sandford Fleming.

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5 facts that you must be acquainted with about Sandford Fleming

  1. Fleming achieved the reputation as one of the primary railway engineers of his times. He was also the in-charge of first survey of Canadian railway roving crossways the continent — Canadian Pacific Railway.
  2. Fleming also designed the first Canadian postage stamp and it was affirmed in 1851.
  3. The price of the stamp was three pennies and beaver, the National animal of Canada was representing that stamp.
  4. Fleming discovered the Royal Institute in 1894, which turn out to be the world’s prominent center for scientist.
  5. Fleming was appointed as the Chancellor of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario after introverted from Canadian Pacific Railways in 1880. And he depleted his time in scientific projects and writings as well.

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