20 Funny questions to ask a girl and leave her ROFL


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20 Funny questions to ask a girl and leave her ROFL

When you are in a relationship only being romantic or passionate is not enough. You have to be very understanding and fun loving to make your girl laugh by asking funny questions. This article will help you to ask funny questions and make your girl laugh and leave her ROFL.

  • Would you describe yourself as naughty or nice?
  • What would you do if you could be invisible for one day?
  • What is your most embarrassing sexual moment?
  • What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you?


  • What’s the weirdest nickname you’ve ever had?
  • What’s the weirdest crush you’ve ever had?
  • Who would you do between…?
  • What are the best and worst things about being a woman?
  • If I caught you masturbating would you carry on, or stop and pretend you weren’t?
  • What’s your favorite joke?


  • What’s the habit you hate most in a boyfriend?
  • What’s the first thing you’d look at if you saw me naked?
  • What’s the worst thing someone has walked in on you doing?
  • If people could read your mind, what would they usually hear?
  • What’s the wildest sexual fantasy you’ve ever had?
  • Would you rather be beautiful and dumb or ugly and clever?


  • Which sexual kink would you be least likely to try?
  • Have you ever been caught naked by someone you didn’t want to?
  • If you could be a guy for just one day, what would you do?
  • Do you think you’d know if I was feeling horny?