4 Alternatives: Broadband connection for small business


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4 Alternatives: Broadband connection for small business

To run your business more effectively and smoothly it is very essential to have a best internet connection. Preference is always being given to wireless internet connection but those connections are way too expensive that small business companies not be able to afford it. So here are a few alternatives of wireless internet connections to use for small business.

Mobile Broadband

With average U.S. cellular LTE data download speeds clocking in at about 14 megabits per second, a mobile internet connection can operate as a serviceable substitute for traditional broadband. Just take hold of a mobile WiFi hot spot device with a data-only plan for a comparatively low-cost, high speed internet connection. Obviously you already have a mobile Broadband connection in your pocket: your cell phone. If you are valiant, simply use it as a hot spot and trench having a fanatical home internet device completely.

mobile broadband

Mobile Broadband is superlative for light internet activities like web browsing, email and social media. While you’ll likely be dealing with the standard data caps that come together with a cell plan, data-intensive activities like streaming video will rapidly consume your data share or run up your bill. You’ll also need to ensure you obtain good quality, reliable LTE service where you use the internet mainly.


Satellite internet is broadly accessible even in the most distant locations, but that’s the only plus point for this deliverance method. If not, there are high startup costs charter or buy the necessary equipment, like your rooftop satellite dish and then you usually get slower speeds for moderately higher monthly costs. Furthermore, you’ll have to manage with ungenerous monthly data download caps and high stoppage. Latency is the time it acquires for your computer to talk to a server and get a response. As your signal has to travel 22,000 miles up to a satellite and then back down, this takes a long time comparative to other methods.

satellite broadband

Fixed Wireless

The third alternative is fixed wireless that delivers internet to your home via radio waves. Contrasting satellite internet, fixed wireless uses an antenna on your house to receive signals to a nearby tower, which then sends your data onto a wired network. The costs are usually higher than a entirely wired connection, and you probably bump into problems if you can’t obtain a line-of-sight on the tower close to you. You probably have to pay for equipment and installation as well.

fixed wireless


Yes, that’s right: dial up. If you’ve encompass a phone connection, you possibly have approach to dial-up internet. With the highest bandwidth of 56 kilobits per seconds, dial-up is far slower than any other common internet delivery mechanism. It takes over 14 minutes to download a 6MB MP3 file over a dial up internet connection. I suggest as a minimum 1 megabit per second connection for most fundamental internet activities.

dial up


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