4 most astonishing Apps available for Android wear

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The Best Apps Available For Android Wear

Did you already or would you offer a connected watch installed with Android Wear? If the answer is “yes”, then this article will surely make you happy. Based on my daily use, I wanted to make a list of the best applications available with Android Wear, but also the most accessible and easy to use. Without further ado, here is my selection of “best applications available for Android Wear”.

Selection of Applications ForAndroid Wear

Wear Mini Launcher: To Renew Your Experience

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If I had to mention a lack with Android Wear, I would say that the experience of use is really to perfect.

Created by Nicolas Pommepuy and then sold to a company, Wear Mini Launcher is the solution that will revolutionize your vision of Android Wear, giving it simple, fast and especially useful functions; which are not accessible / available in normal times. As the name suggests, you’ll be able to take advantage of an application launcher, as well as easily manage fast actions such as brightness, connectivity, volume, and more. From the status bar. Wear Mini Launcher is free and waiting for you on Google Play.

Google Keep: To Note Everything And To Have A Flawless Memory

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Have you forgotten your laptop with your shopping list at home by going to the store? Do not worry, you will be able to find all this on your wrist thanks to the Google Keep application that will have kept everything in memory. Any idea or note to take? Google Keep is also made for this, and even allows you to record words and / or phrases by voice. You guessed it, this app is a must-have Android Wear, although there are other alternatives. Try it, it’s free on Google Play.

Watchmaker Watch: For Superb Dials

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The possibilities of customization may not be as numerous as Android, but Android Wear also allows its users to modify the dial of its watch at will. Basically, it is already possible to access the modification of the dials from the official application of Android Wear and the application of the brand of your watch. They all have one. But it is possible to go even further, and it is largely thanks to the community that designs and offers users alternative dials truly friendly. To make your debut, I advise you to cut Watchmaker Watch, with its Google+ page and FaceRepo.com. Enjoy!

Wear Speaker: To Answer Calls

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For the lazy who do not want to take their phone out of the pocket, Wear Speaker is an application that allows to answer calls received directly from his watch. In addition to this, the application also works the other way since it is also able to make calls. Try it, it’s also free:

If you happen to misplace your smartphone inadvertently, this app will prevent you from happening again. How? By warning you when the mobile loses synchronization with the watch. As the name suggests, Find My Phone will also locate your mobile by causing it to ring remotely. Once again, here is the proof that Android Wear is useful! Like all the others in the list, this application is free.


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