4 techniques to adopt and earn handsome money online

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Ways to Make Money Online

There are 4 ways described in this article to monetize their site. Of course, after reading this article, you will also be able to use them! These techniques are within everyone’s reach. However, I must warn you! To say that it is “easy money” is largely exaggerated. If you want an easy way to make money, go work!

Nor can we say that it is money that is difficult to do. Once the site is in place, the money comes in by itself. Hence the term “passive income”.In truth, making money with the Internet is more a matter of patience and consistency than efforts and / or skills.If so few people live from their site, it is simply because most of them drop out too soon, run out of steam, and move on.

Technique AdSense (Advertising)# 1 – Monetize Its Site With

In 2006, a man opens a blog where he claims to be a caricature of Steve Jobs: www.fakesteve.net/. Everybody loves its content! The items are funny, well searched and the angle is excellent. In fact, his site was so good that it attracted the attention of the New York Times!

The author does his best to remain anonymous for as long as possible. However, in an article in the NY Times, Brad Stones raises the veil on the anonymity of Daniel Lyons, author of this famous blog. On the day of publication of the article in the magazine, the site welcomes more than 500,000 new visitors! Daniel could not believe his eyes! He was finally going to become rich he earn $ 100 for the day. $ 1,039.81 for the month.Ouch … Not so impressive that in the end! The guy had millions of visitors on his site and he was not even able to do more than some cashier at McDonald’s! FakeSteveJobs then commented:

“I’ve learned the hard way that a blog can do a lot of great things, but to make a lot of money does not leave.”

In the industry, AdSense is perceived as a farce. This is the least profitable way, but it is also the easiest to generate revenue through its website. In less than two, you can install the snippet of code on your site and start monetizing.AdSense usually made 20x more than with AdWords,
to monetize this way, you usually need to have a site that has a wider audience e.g. a celebrity blog, fashion, sports, etc.

Technique # 2 – Making Money On The Internet With Product Sales

Your product does not have to be concrete, solid. Nowadays, you can use Gumroad to sell just about anything online in less than 5 minutes.Selling digital products is the best way to monetize a blog. That’s how Nathan Barry went about making so much money ($ 256,725.00)! He even launched a book explaining how to make a lot of money with the sale of a book.

Obviously, it is not only the sale of books but services like photography can be sold through these mediums.And finally, if you want to sell a physical product, nothing prevents you! You can use Shopify or Woo Commerce to create an online store. If you do not want to deal with delivery and handling, you can call on what are called Drop Shippers.

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Technique # 3 – Selling A Service

Another way to make money on the Internet is through the sale of services. Whether you’re a graphic designer, programmer or consultant, you can make yourself a business card web site and attract some traffic through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads and through writing blogs.
By having this kind of site, you will attract the attention of several companies. This attention is often reflected in job offers, offers of partnerships and contracts. The sale of service represents the vast majority of the revenue generated by website. Of course, this is not a “passive” income, but I wanted to include it in the article because it is indeed a way to increase its income thanks to the Internet. However, there is also what is known as Software as a Service (SAAS).

You create software to help people and monetize under single or recurring basis. Buffer or Dash these are good examples.This business model caters more to people with an IT background. However, nothing prevents you from hiring a developer friend to create the software for you!

Technique # 4 – Recommend Products (Affiliated Sale)

On your page provide companies’ opportunities to place their ads it will create win win situation for both of you. On the Internet, this kind of practice is very common. In fact, several sites exist only for this reason. Top Ten Reviews is a good example. Looking for “best antivirus” on Google, come across the list of the top 10 antivirus on the market with the list of pros and cons. If you decide to click on one of the links of the article, a cookie will be installed on your computer, indicating that it is thanks to toptenreviews.com that you are landed on this site. If you finally decide to buy, the author of the site will get a certain amount in commission.


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