5 bizarre but tremendous Iphone accessories you must need

5 bizarre but tremendous Iphone accessories you must need

As Smart phones are flattering noteworthy in our life, they have expanded the functions and applications as well. The industry is trying to put more add-ons in your pocket computers. No other device provide these weird add-ons except Iphone, this here are a few accessories for Apple’s device.

External camera Flash

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Iphone have the Iblazr 2 light, when you double tap the screen it will capture the image with light. It connects with the Bluetooth and joins together with the default camera app on IOS.

Attachable Shutter button

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If you are finding ways to protect your phone and bring in the memories and pictures then you must have the SNAP! PRO by bitplay.

Attachable camera

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The attachable lenses Loha Premium camera lens will help you to capture macro and wide-angle shots on the shift and it includes the details that iPhone’s default shooter can’t quite match. It is a new doorway in the market and it has astral reviews on Amazon, it comes up with a lifetime guarantee, and it is pertinent with Android phones as well.


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You will be stunned to know that the company has designed an app which will be able to measure the level that how drunk you are with the wireless breathalyzer whether you are in office or at home. It wirelessly discloses the results to an app on your IOS.


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       If you really want to check the present speed of wind, having a portable device of anemometer will provide accurate results.


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