5 features of Google Docs you must be using these days


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5 features of Google Docs you must be using these days

As you know that Google Docs is jam-packed with robust tools so below are the 5 features that will assist you to learn more about Google’s free of cost word processing apps.

1. Use voice instead of words

It is always an easiest way to communicate and express your feelings while talking instead of typing. Google Docs giving you the tool to communicate with the people while recorded your voice. With the help of Voice tying tool you can give it a try.

On top of an open document, click on tools > Voice typing. A small window with a huge microphone icon appears on screen along with the right edge of Chrome that you can snap to toggle voice typing on and off. Voice typing is accessible merely in the Chrome browser.

2.Clear formatting

When you paste a text into Google Doc, its font style and size will slightly dissimilar from the rest of your document. To make it confirm, underline the text and do one of three things:

  • Right click the highlighted text and choose Clear Formatting
  • Go to Format > Clear formatting
  • Click Normal text from the pull-down menu below the Format and Tools menu option

3.Insert more fonts

At the top of your document there is a pull-down menu, choose More fonts to insert new fonts to this menu. There are hundreds you can pick from:

To further get a better knowledge of how the different fonts look like, go to Google Fonts where you can outlook mock-ups sentences of each font.

4.Suggestion method

If you want to edit a document, you can change it to the edit mode so that Google Docs tracks changes like Microsoft Word. To point up your edits and let your collaborators to accept and reject them, click on the pencil button in the upper right corner of your document and click Suggestion. At that instant, as you edit the document, changes will turn up as color-coded suggestions with a comment next to each show who made the changes. Each comment has an Accept and Reject button.

5.Mention someone in a comment

If you want to directly talk to someone, then you can tag him/her in a comment. When writing a comment tag someone with a sign @ or + then an email will be received to the person you are mentioning in a comment.

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