5 Myths About Technology You Must Not Believe Anymore


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5 Myths About Technology You Must Not Believe Anymore

There are few myth about technology you should stop your faith upon them after reading this article, which are as follow:

Charging Overnight Can Damage Your Battery

It is a old myth on which many people believes on it blindly, that through charging your phone overnight will ultimately have a bad impact on the life of your battery. So, the good news is it is not just true, may be that happened in past when batteries are not efficient as they are now. But smart phones batteries are also smart and once battery charged 100% they stop consuming any other extra unit, which will keeps your battery safe.


Don’t Shutdown Computer Everyday:

Some believes that shutting down your computer daily is harmful for its battery, which is actually not true at all, in contrary shut down your computer when it is not working will actually put less pressure upon its system and will help to sustain its life in long run.


Mobile Is A Source To Give You Cancer:

Though it is true that mobile phone signals can affect the brain tissues, and have had an influence upon its working but it doesn’t proved yet either any of the rays of cellphones have had any probability that can be the source of cancer. Till now there is no medical evidence in this regard. Although scientist have done so many experiments on human and animals.

More Cell Indicates Better Signals:

Actually signal cells have nothing to do with the quality of signals, they only depicts that how close are you to the browser. The quality of signals are not solely affected by the location no of user also affect the quality in a very strong manner.

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Turning off Computer will help when it’s stuck:

It happened to multiple people that when they are keep busy in something important, they computer may decide to stuck and the first solution which comes in the mind of the users is to  turn off the computer, but twist in story is that most people opt for which thing that is not actually a solution. Rather than that, which thing works better than that you should press power button for few minutes that will restart your computer and will not affect your working.

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