5 paramount ways to improve the battery life of your Ipad

battery life

5 paramount ways to improve battery life of Ipads

Though battery life of Ipads is long-lasting but after countless charges, it begins to fade away. So don’t you want to look up the ways to improve the battery life of Ipad? Here are 5 paramount ways to improve the battery life of your Ipads:

Lessen screen brightness

It turns out to be obscure to glance on the screen clearly when you are in a dark area, but you can stare on the screen clearly when you are surrounded by brightly lit environment. Therefore always try to lessen the brightness of your Ipad. It will automatically save the battery for future use. Moreover when you are at a beach turn on Auto- Brightness, it will adjust the brightness of the screen according to the ambiance.

Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth when not required

A Wi-fi connection puts away less battery than a cellular connection, so when you depart from your accommodation turn off the cellular connection, use it only when you required. But wifi consumes the battery more, even if you are not using the internet, it will lower the battery so turn it off when you don’t want to be on-the-line. Same is the case with Bluetooth.

It’s all about Push and fetch

If you do not frequently check emails from your Ipad then turn off the push and fetch button. As it consumes your battery more, check your email settings to ensure push is turned off and fetch is set to Manual.

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Shut the button before going to bed

It would be time taking to close all the apps running in your Ipad, and also you won’t have the courage to do that kind of hectic work before going to bed. But it is essential to turn off the apps and save the battery life of your Ipad. Same goes with GPS, Google Map, pr any other related app, because these do drain the Ipad’s battery.

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See which battery is dominating in terms of draining battery life

On the Ipad, there is a battery page in settings which notifies you that which app drained your battery more within 24 hours and in previous seven days. If your Ipad is dashing through battery life at fast pace, then check this page and refrain from using those apps from the Ipad.

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