5 shortcuts you must be familiar with while using Android


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5 shortcuts you must familiar with while using Android

Whether you just started using Android, here are the 5 shortcuts you must be familiar with.

Avoid locking your phone

When you know that your phone is safe then avoid locking the phone. This feature in the Lock Screen and Security menu will let your device know exactly that which place is safe and you can stay conveniently unlocked. Once you added up trusted places, devices, or voices so you can without any doubt skip the PIN, pattern or password.

Reject calls with a text

Sometimes you have to reject the calls due to some busy schedule, so now you can reject the calls by leaving the message to the caller that why you can’t pick up the call. On most mobile phones this option is available in Phone app > Settings and labeled Call blocking, Quick responses, or something similar. You can see a list of call-reject messages it will also give you the option to edit the message as per your requirement.

Promptly open the camera

Opening the camera rapidly so that you cannot miss the opportunity to capture the photo, here are the few examples that you need to enable on your device:

  • Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P: double-tap power button.
  • Samsung devices 2015-2016: double-tap the physical Home button.
  • LG V10: double-tap the volume down button.
  • Moto G 2015: twist your wrist with the device in hand.

Insert contact widgets

If you want to go to the contacts with just a tap, Press and hold on your Home Screen, select Widgets and then search for the Contact 1x1widget. Tapping this shortcut loads a contact’s details, and let you to call, text or email without scrolling your address book.

Enable the option ‘OK, Google’ everywhere

Ask your most desired questions by enabling ‘OK, Google’ everywhere. To do this, open the Google (search) app and go to Settings > Voice > Ok and you are now set.

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