7 effective tips to Overcome Your Biggest Fears in life

The first step is to recognize that you are afraid otherwise you would not even click on the link. The second step is to recognize that you are brave, because only those who know they are afraid dare to learn about how to pass. The third step divides two, learning to defeat your fears (read the article) and most importantly take action by applying the article.

1. Ask yourself what will happen in one year, three years, and five years.

One of the best ways I could find to put fear into silence is to ask myself, “Okay, same day, same hour in a year where would I be?”Not only do you ask the question for one year (short term) but also for three years (medium term) and five years (long term).

The truth is that in a year you will take stock of the fear you are having and you will probably find yourself stupid to have panicked at this point. In three years you will most certainly laugh. And in five years you will not even know what you were afraid of in 2010.Ah yes there was a crisis at the time I think!

2.Separating Stress from Fear

Fear can cause stress but it is not necessarily bad, stress can be positive if it is channeling. The purpose of this article is precisely to do this. Channel your stress. Make it become productive. I realized that stress is a brake as much as it is a motor. It is the person behind the wheel who decides to turn the ignition and to move the handbrake, to cross the arms and to have fun .

3.Separate failure from loss

You may be like me, you do not like the risk . I have written many times how much I did not like the risk. And there is a simple way to pass the psychological barrier of risk and especially risk-taking.

Taking risks does not mean being ready to lose everything.Have a backup plan! I did not realize it myself until very recently. You can take controlled risks. But what is a controlled risk? It is a risk that you know at least 51% of the results.

Seriously how can we know at least more than half of the results? Write them down!

4. Put On Paper The Results Of Your Risk Taking (Poor And Good)

Much of the fear comes from the fact that we do not know what will happen to us. The fear of the unknown, still it! That’s why people do not try anything or almost anything. Because objectively it is hard to know what can be gained or lost due to risk taking and result in the form of fear.

Sincerely, if you have to retain one thing and one of this article, it is this advice. I know very well that you read fast reading but STOP! If you are in the same situation as me , take the time to put on paper what your risk taking can bring to you. At the end of the months and even years. It is the book of Paul McKenna and the questions that it contains that have helped me the most .

However be honest! There are always good and bad sides, you have to be honest with yourself to write the bad and the good results of what can happen to you.

5.What Can Happen To You Worse In Case You Run Out?

When you were a child and you were afraid of the darkness, under the bed, what was hiding in the closet, what were your parents doing? They certainly suggested that you go with you to the closet in question and search it thoroughly to make sure nothing was hiding, right?

Parents can make countless mistakes (forgive Mom!) But they have a sixth sense for some things. That is one of the most powerful pieces of advice I have been able to implement. Fear feeds on the unknown therefore?Put the unknown in the spotlight!To be myself falling into the panel, I can talk about it knowingly.Fear feeds on this ancestral belief:

If I think about it, it will bring me the poison and it is coming!

The result is without appeal, the fear grows! And as our beliefs carry our world, what we firmly believe unquestionably ends up becoming TRUE!

6. What Will Happen To You Best In Case You Run Out?

We have all learned that there are always two sides to the same coin.There’s always the medal and its back, right?And if the flip side of the coin for once was something good!One or more results you did not see coming but that turns out to be nothing but a cherry on a beautiful cake!

Taking risks is not cool!Taking measured risks is a bit better, but it’s still scary.We totally agree! However let me teach you a truth you already know.The status quo has never brought anything new!

All of us want new thing to happen, but keep on doing the same thing every day this is not how change occurs nor will fears be overcome.

7. Do What There Is To Do

Don’t always think about the bad and negative aspects of the task and situation, there must be something optimistic you can do about the situation. Find out circumstances that are optimistic and ways that will help to complete the challenge. Analyze the situation and take action.

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