7 things to unleash if you want to stay happy in life



7 things to unleash if you want to stay happy in life

Human beings experience certain things in life which don’t let them to stay happy. But that’s not the only choice you have. You can also spend a happy life if you unleash the following things.

  1. If you are good, ultimately you will get in life what you deserve the most. But if you didn’t do anything good that does not mean you won’t be successful or happy in life. As we all know, success does not only come to those who deserve it.
  2. Some day girls always think that my prince will come. But there are always 2 possibilities may be he will, maybe he won’t. But don’t waste your precious life waiting and thinking about it. When a right time will appear he will come into into your life.
  3. When I achieve X, “they” will finally tell me they love me. Are you crazy, do you think that If someone doesn’t love you the way you are then how’s that possible someone change their opinion tomorrow. And for GOD’s sake don’t ruin your life while making life choices in the hopes of winning them over.
  4. It’s all their fault, when life takes a u-turn, it’s appealing to blame other people, whether they are uncooperative parent, toxic partner or selfish boss. You may be right on your side but look on both sides of the picture. Blaming them is keeping you stuck in the same position and giving them the power they don’t deserve. Ignoring the situation is the best revenge.
  5. I’ll pay off my credit card bills when I get a large chunk of money. From where, a Genie will knock your door and hand over a sack of money? Or whether you are fantasizing about the lottery you get in future out of nowhere? Don’t let the bank laugh at you by putting three words, zero balance transfer. Pay off the bills in piecemeal.
  6. Hey, the teen can sing, Somewhere deep in our hearts is a desire about our talent being seen by another person, usually a person with the power to offer us, is only “You”. Ask permission from yourself, have a firm believe within yourself then everybody would be able to see your talent.
  7. I’ll do it tomorrow, how you would be certain that tomorrow you will get rid of the mood you are dealing right now? The task that you want to complete tomorrow will not get easier, it is far-off better to do the five minute work today rather than promise five hours of tomorrow.

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