About 650 whales stuck on remote NZ beach, rescue efforts

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About 650 whales stuck on remote NZ beach, rescue efforts

Wellington, New Zealand (AP) – A new pod of 240 whales swam stuck at a remote New Zealand beach on Saturday just hours after fatigued volunteers managed to refloat a different group of whales subsequent to a previous mass stranding.

Overall, more than 650 pilot whales have stuck themselves along a 5 kilometer (3 mile) wide of coastline over two days on Farewell Spit at the tip of the South Island. Approximately 335 of the whales are dead, 220 remain trapped, and 100 are back at sea.

Department of Conservation Golden Bay Operations Manager Andrew Lamason reported they are sure they’re dealing with a new pod because they had tagged all the refloated whales from the first group and none of the new group had tags.

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