ACLU’S new App improve the police system in many ways


ACLU new app

ACLU’S new App improve the police system in many ways

ACLU new app is a beginning to provide freedom of speech to general public, and basically provide security to those who are being mistreated by the police. For making system and activities better they made an app, which provide an opportunity to general public to upload the videos.

This app is divided in to two section if one made video through mobile justice app that will send directly to the ACLU lawyer, then further actions will be taken in this regard. Second one is a blue app of a ACLU which will help user to put video on Social networking sites including YouTube, which will make this video public and general public will have complete access to it.

Makers of the apps says that they want to provide the complete leverage to the general public, and want to overcome problems in this particular area. Along with that purpose was also to provide interactive and fearless environment with in the country.

ACLU app

They not just want to highlighted issues and problems but also wants to encourage those who are performing really very well. Through these kind of video sharing, their confidence a performance will improve, which ultimately helps in improvement and betterment of a system.

For the time being app is just made for target market of Texas, but there are probability of expansion is expected in this particular sector. Because Texas audience wants to build this kind of app for themselves, but if this scenario it would be very difficult for ACLU team to keep in touch with every single problem.

For that purpose they made it direct and they opted towards this technique which is ultimately ore feasible for them as well as users. And segregation also makes it more efficient.

ACLU upper management states that: “”Video is very powerful,” she also said that. “It tells a story in a way that you can’t really refute.”

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