Apps you must have in your smartphone

Depends, what do you do and even if you do nothing the apps are countless to be added in your phone or those you must download, to move along with the world of communication. The priority list may vary from culture to culture or country to country and person to person, but this is the universal truth that even if its 1 dollar a year, people are reluctant to download paid apps. Some apps are sort of mandatory, when you buy your phone and it’s quite a process to delete them, if you want to live a rather peaceful life, without so many sounds and vibrations, coming out repeatedly from your phone.

You cannot deny the utility of some apps, those are working as an alternative to conventional mobile calls and on top of all those, the what’s app is leading all the way across the globe, but it is just one app. start counting and it’s never ending list of apps working in competition with whatsapp . Some with real catchy name and some have little “out of the box “unique selling points” but are being used for communication as well.

The apps like tango, have introduced as the location based connector of random people and they can interact through tango, even strangers to each other though this USP was later used to by many other chatting and calling apps and it has become very common feature. The tango later on, is used just as a video-calling app, same as Skype and Viber. The feature of real time online chat/text is later developed in almost all social media websites and on their websites respectively. The Facebook calling feature along with chat/texting has its edge, because of its existing more than one billion downloads. The apps are mostly free for the generic use of calls and text and cannibalizing the revenues of cellular networks, who would not want to talk without a penny from one continent to the other. However, the wifi and 3G charges are applicable, if you are not lucky enough to have free wifi of your neighbor. If the communication apps are all downloaded on your phone, even the most popular and common ones only, then are you sure you will be left with some space in your phone to download some other fun apps and games? If you do have some space, let me suggest a new game for good thrilling time, (name of the game) some of my colleagues have suggested me and that is really fun. This is one important aspect of social media and apps and games that it helps you get a break at work, unless you boss is not roaming around.


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