Can you recommend a woman to adopt her career in tech?


Can you recommend a woman to adopt her career in tech?   

Finally people have changed their stereotype thinking that women cannot pursue a career except teaching, chefs and related to this kind. Time has changed now, we have seen that over the last few years parents, teachers and mentors are working very hard everywhere around the world to get women into science, technology, engineering and maths careers. And they somehow are succeeding in this matter. I must say that this is a good thing. And we also are familiar with the fact that when they will be a graduate they will definitely work in companies but how will you convince them to work in those companies which have disclosed them as toxic hives of sexism, misogyny and harassment.

women harassment

I must clarify here “Not all companies” but some will say. But there are so many examples we have seen about women that they are suffering discrimination in the workplace. After giving so much support and leniency to women then why they are facing that kind of demeanors? Women report continual casual misogyny. The United States just decided to sue Oracle over Discriminatory practices. Yes, u got it, that’s Oracle, where a woman who won a sexual harassment case barely sheltered her legal bills whereas her harasser kept his job.

stop woman harassment

And then we obviously cannot fail to remember Uber, in recent times the subject of a detailed exposition of a discriminatory culture, the experience of which only motivated a troil army to attack the woman brave enough to go public with her story.

Perhaps things are changing. Maybe the fact that women can discuss workplace sexism is a symbol that we have somehow lanced the boil.

But still women are facing sexism and discrimination at the workplace, things must change now. We are living in a world where people pretend that they are modernized but mentally they are not. Though celebrating special days like women’s day and other days related to women, they are still unsafe, facing misogyny etc. So I ask once again would you allow your daughter, sister, wife or girl friend to work in tech field, the ball is in your court.

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