clean the keys of keyboard from the inside with tape


Clean inside the keyboard’s keys with a piece of tape

Sometimes you just don’t know what is budding around the inside and when it comes to clean up a keyboard we are good-in-doing-nothing. If spinning the keyboard upside-down and shaking it then it does not mean that you have done with the whole nine yards. The best way to get the edges of your keys dirt free is to use something that you already have with you or in your house i.e. tape.

Tape type to use

Any kind of tape that is low-adhesive is good to use. Avoid using a tape that has a lot of gumminess, because by using that kind of tape it will surely leave behind a spot or mark and that kind of tape is called “duct tape or aviator tape. The tape that we use in wrapping the gifts is an ultimate choice to use, as it’s slim and easy to work. Sticky notes could also work in a nip.

tape on keyboard

Ways to clean your keyboard

Well it might be the first time that you have heard about cleaning the keys of keyboard with the tape. But that’s fairly simple and easy on the pocket. Here’s how to stick it to those keyboard dust dupes.

  • Rip off an inch of tape and fold it in half so that non-sticky sides are facing collectively and sticky sides remain upward.
  • Slide the tap under the edges of the keys and pat to and fro only some time
  • Drag the piece of tape out and prepare to be sickened
  • Apply this technique on all of your keys until your keyboard keys are dirt free

I have done this cleaning trick several times but you have no idea how the dust get underneath the keys and horrified you every time. Once you try this trick you will become used to it.



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