Confide: Popular app contains lots of security issues

confide chat app

Confide: Popular app contains lots of security issues

Cyber issues and crimes are growing simultaneously with the expansion of technology, we usually assume that private chats are completely private and safe but unfortunately they are not. They do provide the opportunities for hackers and attackers.

According to the research confide a chat app, which is supposed to be very effective and efficient, but yet there are certain flaws are the part of the this extremely useful app which do contain lots of barriers in this whole process that will vulnerable to threats and can provide lots of opportunities to the attackers mainly they can change the content of the messages, along with that they are also capable to delete the message before actually reach to the receiver, but this is not the end. Ultimately, they are even capable of that they can access the information of both senders and receivers.

confide security issues

But the owner of confide states that: “Privacy and security is always an ongoing process. As issues arise, we remain committed to addressing them quickly and efficiently, as we have done in this and every instance”.

He also say so that company is working at its fullest to overcome this problem, they also come up lots of remedies in this regard as well. Users will be able to get rid of this problem very soon.

Though security flaws are extremely critical, actually confide few features which actually provides it with point of parity, these features provides windows to the attackers.

These features include some of the things mainly which are the can disrupt message without the receiver actually knew about those things. Which actually now come as a flaw now. But another barrier upon which they are working now is a small and easy password which makes is more defenseless towards threats.

confide chat app security

Now they are working there best, for the sake of achieving back the trust of their consumers. And achieving help from outsources as well

But this flaw is not just a lesson for the confide but for all other apps as well, that before launching it publically they must completely check all security walls so they will not have to suffer latterly with the public image.

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