CV format: How to write a best CV or curriculum vitae?

The direct purpose of the CV is to get a foot in the door to be interviewed in order to get the job. Here are six tips for you to stand out above the rest.The fight for a job is often a ‘butcher’ talent and skills. But before an interview, your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is the first impression that the company has for you.The waiting time can be a nightmare. After several interviews and applications, the response lasts between 4 and 6 months, according to data from portal.

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Discover six tips to shine your CV in the first interview

1.Personal Description.

 A concise description directly below your contact offers employers a snapshot of your key skills and ambitions at work. It is the first place where a recruiter is likely to look, so it is important that explains  your best achievements here.

2.Adapt the job description.

  Use adjectives that are similar to those used in the notice of vacancy, without duplicating word for word. If the employer gives priority to someone with “effective leadership skills”, so make sure you show your leadership during the first part of the personal description.

3.Avoid cliches.

Remember that employers are interested in a tangible evidence of your skills, not just a list of overused adjectives. It is not enough just to say you’re working, loyal and a good team player, you have to be able to prove with hard evidence.

4.Test your accomplishments.

 Similarly, when your achievements enamors, keep in mind that what really impresses employers are data. If you can illustrate these achievements with facts and figures,  the amount of income that you brought to the company that year or the percentage increase in clients ‘ investment  and so on.

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To be specific they should put numbers and data. Consider the different impact of the following statements:

I got over it systematically sales targets in the past year.

I’m over in sales goals in the last four quarters by x%, resulting in an overall increase billing and%.

6.Put yourself in the center of action.

 Remember that you are trying to sell. Using phrases like “I was involved in” and “attended” implies you were a spectator rather than a driver.

Recruiters take these things into account. Use strong action verbs, where credit to those who deserve is taken. However, one should not claim participation in something that had nothing to do with you, and speak no evil of former colleagues or bosses work. This is one of the most common reasons why candidates are rejected.

6.Make it accessible.

This point is often overlooked: make the CV as accessible as possible. For example, send the document via PDF format for there is no possibility that the recruiter has trouble seeing. Make sure the font used is readable size and that your contact details are correct and current. Recruiters appreciate a simplified process and will reward you for it.

The CVs that are clear, concise and accessible are those that are most appreciated by recruiters. Build a CV around some key accomplishments that relate directly to the job advertisement, and have every chance of moving to the next stage of the process.

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