Does jogging helps to reduce love handles significantly


jogging love handles

Does jogging helps to reduce love handles significantly

The name is so sweet that you must be thinking it’s about name of candy or chocolate i.e. “love handles” or “muffin top”, but the reality is it’s the name of the body fats in excess on the sides of your mid-section. People try to follow different diet plans, they consult to nutritionist, but some people only focus on diet, few minutes per day spend on exercise will probably help to reduce overall weight of the body, but love handles cannot be easily handled. Doing some exercise with reduce the whole body and love handles will automatically shrink.

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If your body encompass too much fat that it can increase your risk of diseases for instance heart disease, stroke, diabetes and some type of cancer as well. But one exercise can definitely help you to reduce love handles and that is jogging, you can get rid of love handles by burning calories

A good diet and exercise is a necessary to reduce love handles. As proven by member of the National Weight Control Registry, which is a group of more than 10,000 people who have reduced considerable weight.

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Running rate for Weight Loss

Doing jogging for more than 250 minutes per week helps reduce your weight significantly, as per American College of Sports Medicine. Jogging add up vigorous-intensity exercise, so trying to do jogging for 250 minutes weekly should help you jump down pounds when blended with nutritious eating.

Developing habit of Running

If you are new at running or jogging then you must start with 50 minutes, five times a week and make two to three sessions of running solely brisk walk. The other way round is to start from 25 minutes per day, then helps to increase your stamina of running and you won’t get in trouble or difficulty while jogging.

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