Op Trump:Anonymous declares total war on Donald Trump

Donald Trump went from being a simple clown to a global threat. His remarks offended many and show it as a real danger if he can win the presidency of the United States.

As in other cases, hacktivists and vigilantes online decided to go out to fight.Anonymous declared war to Donald Trump through a video where expose the reasons why it considered dangerous in addition to asking the support of all. Here you have everything you need to know about it.

OpTrump: Anonymous vs. Donald Trump

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OpTrump, a special operation of Anonymous in seeking attack on Donald Trump on different fronts against the danger that his presidential candidacy presents the world as well as his frequent messages calling the hatred and discrimination.

Through a video posted on YouTube, the hacktivists  called a massive attack on April 1, where not only seek to use the ability of hackers to dump sites but also sink exposing their secrets and sabotaging his image with true.

It is not the first time that Anonymous is tired of Donald Trump , and last year attacked related to the employer after their sites statements against Muslims , but this time we face a massive operation similar to those made ​​against other hate groups such as KKK or “Daesh” , better known as the self – styled “ISIS” .

You can also fight: Anonymous invites you to collaborate in the OpTrump

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In the video we could see Anonymous makes clear that its OpTrump is more than a simple act of hacktivism and do not need to be a hacker to participate, since the aim of the group is clear: dismantle its campaign exposing what he does not want to made public.

On April 1 is the key day of this cyber war against Trump , in which “botaran” all sites related to Donald Trump by denial of service attacks and other similar cyber weapons.

Donald Trump How to Fight

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Credit:The Wrap

How you can collaborate with OpTrump? If you agree with Anonymous and you outraged that Trump is a person full of egoism which only cares about power, as indicated the hacktivists , you can participate spreading the message to everyone you know, exposing the information achieve collect in a joint effort to dismantle its campaign.

Donald Trump attacked Latinos with the worst insults, showed a deep discrimination against Muslims and not ashamed to be racist and misogynist among many other things.

The large – scale operations of Anonymous usually produce good results in its fight against terrorists “Daesh” managed to reduce the presence of their propaganda on social networks, a win over their main way to recruit young people.

Many have called Donald Trump the best weapon of the “ISIS calling itself” as their anti – Muslim statements are very useful to make the West is seen as the enemy, so you could say that both operations have some relationship.No more waiting for April 1, as it surely will soon see results OpTrump as truths and leaks achieve undermine the credibility and support to people who may be regarded as dangerous for the whole world.

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