Earn money from website without selling any product

earn money without selling

Earn money from website without selling any product

Most of us think that only way to make money through website is by selling any product or service on the website, which is just not true there are so many other ways we are going to share with you in this article.

All you need to have a certain level of knowledge and expertise in this dimension, you have to understand one thing very clearly. Actually, first thing you should keep in mind is that online market is way more different than offline market, people don’t suffer for the sake of e-commerce rather they opted for exploring any information, content.

You that is your market you don’t concentrate on sale and purchase factor, rather make sure your influence must be on the information that is your essential source of gaining money. All in one there are two very successful tools of making money online one is google AdSense and second is Affiliate marketing.

Basically you sell and purchase anything on your own rather you act as an agent, connect users and the party which wants to sell goods and then earn money in the form of commission for the sake of your service.

earn money from website

Ways To Make Website Profitable:

There are few ingredients of successful monetize website, which are explained in detail below:

Appearance Of Website:

  • Your website must contain few essential feature which makes them likable by the users, first of all your website must be clean, easy to use and user friendly.
  • Secondly, your website must be in formation that can be open on the mobile, if your webpage is not mobile friendly than you are going to lose a lot of market share, because people use mobile even more often than their laptops.
  • Make your websites less heavy, don’t put so much graphics and animation which makes it slow, because user don’t waste his time and will leave the page very soon.
  • Information must be in easy reach of user, if he have to explore to so much they are just less likely to stay on the page, make sure that provide your user every possible convince that possible.

content for website


Content is the most important thing for the success of any website, though you have a very attractive website but it doesn’t contain anything worth full it will going to be a wholesome failure.

So right content is actually a game changer in this prespective.


So, you have a nice website hosted on your own domain, what’s next? Perhaps the most difficult part in the whole process in making a profitable website is to have the right type of content.

Why content is so much important, the basic reason behind this a website can successful only if they will able to attract large some of traffic, rather than no technique would work or help you to monetize your website. So that’s why make sure that the quality of your information will be up to the mark, content must be understandable and reliable by the users,

Though when you are working as an agent you have to concentrate on both parties, customers which are in the form of viewers and the advertisers, those want to place their ads on the website. Your website must be beneficial for both parties. Because both of them are your real source of income.

Your content must be relatable to masses even then you will be able to grasp huge traffic, and information must be upgraded and up to the mark.

This will give an edge to your website over the competitors, we talk about the ingredients before so the main ingredient in the whole process is your content. Which will make your website successful.

Content Is A Key To Success:

You can use SEO as a tool, which will help you in best possible way, but gaining a success through website is not through solely reliability of you SEO, success can be gained through content. It will bring more clicks and interactivity at your website.

attract advertisers

How To Attract Advertiser:

Actually all content is not act in same manner, some attract more users while others attract less. Actually as far as AdSense is concerned, it is likely to work in a particular manner. Actually what segregate good content from bad one is keywords, now the question what are the key words. Google AdSense have certain ranking to most searched key words. If a website have more such words there are more chances of attracting new traffic and retain existing ones. That is why content plays a vital role, if there is a website upon which more traffic, Advertisers first priority is to advertise their products on such website. All this thing works in a cycle.