Easy ways to get paid to advertise on your website:



get paid to advertise


Easy ways to get paid to advertise on your website:

People prefer to do their own business; today’s world has been transformed by internet into global village. So the communication around the world has become more easy and unproblematic. Having a website means half of your work is done, but if you do not have a website then you need to create it first and join the venture. Once you are up and running the website, imagine how you would like to advertise.  The first and foremost step is to learn how to get paid on advertising from the website by doing a research more about your target audience.

1. Purchase and create a Website

Firstly develop a website while keeping in view the goals and strategies of your business or simply for the sake of money and passion. You can also buy websites that already exists, to make it more trouble-free and less time consuming.

your website

2. Join affiliate program

Google Affiliate Program helps the advertisers to increase online performance and expand the conversions. This program allows you to select from various advertisers, several search engines offer programs for advertising through search engines as well.

3. Grab audience attention

Consider the psychographics of the audience and place the ads which they may be interested to get hold their eye on.

4. Choose ads from Affiliate Program

Pay per click is the most used type of advertisement. You will be paid differently whenever the visitors click on an ad.

Pay per impression shell out as per the amount of times the ad is displayed on your website. This means if your ad is displayed 2000 times, you definitely get paid. But the amount is different for every ad you place.

Pay per sale is quite different and it happen frequently because just clicking on the ad will not be enough, this type of ad requires your visitor to purchase the item and sign up for a service as well.

pay per click, impression


5. Place the ads on website

Select appropriate banner style or text font of ad. Banners are permanent ads and text ads are temporary. Banner ads stay fixed in a position on your website.

The other way round is if you have affiliate program, it will place your ad by matching the content written on the page. So people will also take interest your ad while reading the content.