Entail smooth skin in winters?Here are the tips to follow

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Winter brings dryness, cracks and dullness for your skin that’s why considered as most stressful time of year but with effective care effects of dryness can be overcome.

It does not matter if we creep into the oven in the winter or walk in icy temperatures – our now so dry skin has to withstand a lot. Inside it removes the heating air moisture, makes it sensitive and rough. The cold air outside also favors dehydration. For this purpose the sebaceous glands, which coat our skin with a protective grease film, slow down their production with falling temperatures. This way, water evaporates even faster – the skin reacts more sensitively to sunlight, harmful substances and irritants. Finally, the wind of our skin is also increasing. If you wind down the slope at 0 ° C and blow the wind with strength 5 around your nose, the actual temperature is about minus 8 ° C (chill factor). But so that no misunderstandings arise: In spite of these adversities, you should not forgo fresh air, it also does well – as the rosy complexion shows after a walk. It is important to avoid dry skin with good protection and care.

Dry Skin: Care for Her & Him

Fat and moisture retention factors (for example urea) are particularly important, especially for dry skin. This applies to YOU as well as to HIM, whereby men’s skin is generally greasier by nature. “Greasy creams on water-in-oil basis or skin oils are best suited. The use is recommended at temperatures of around 10 degrees and below, “says an expert Dr. Michaela Axt-Gadermann. As a woman, you can also use your rich night care during the day! If you use special anti-cold creams for the lips, nose and ears, remove them in heated rooms to prevent overheating of the skin.

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Gentle Cleansing

Cleaning agents should remove moisture and grease from the skin. It is recommended to use refatting products: “Oils leave a caring protective film. Also washing substances, the pH value of which approximately corresponds to the skin (approx. 5.5), are suitable, “says Axt-Gadermann. Tip for the face: gentle cleansing milk instead of alcohol-containing products, even on peeling you should better do without. Accordingly, after shaving, men do not use an alcoholic aftershave, which makes dry skin. Better: a mild balm.

Otherwise you should not shower or bathe the skin (ideal: 32 to 35 degrees) and also use refatting products. “Subsequently, gently dab dry, do not rub dry, otherwise remove the nourishing substances immediately,” says our expert. Apply a moisturizer afterwards on the dry skin.

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Drink a lot of Water

Dehydration is one of the major cause of dry skin during winter so keep yourself hydrated by drinking large amount of water daily it will keep your skin soft and fresh as well.

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This is very important not just in winter in all seasons, through exfoliation dry and dead skin in removed than our pores get a chance to breathe freely which makes skin fresh and glowing

Use hydrating mask

Your kitchen is filled with treasures for your skin care products such as honey, avocado, yogurt and olive oil, so this winter use that treasure for sake of skin care made a mask through using these products, they have great effect on your skin.

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Extra tips

This way you can still protect your skin in winter

People with greasy (in the majority men) or impure skin should use the usual products, in order not to promote sebum blockages and pimples. Tip: Allow moisture to flow for 30 minutes before going out.

Protect yourself especially at the height against UV radiation (ideal: SPF 30), even on cloudy days threatens because of the intense radiation a sunglass. Please do not use gels – which contain a lot of water and also dry skin.

Our lips have no intrinsic protection, so they should be carefully maintained.