Find out something new as taking online classes in $15

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Find out something new as taking online classes in $15

When New Year starts, people set new goals and try to fulfill the desired goals and wishes. There is always a way to accomplish something which you ever wished for. With this in mind, Udemy is presenting more than 17,000 classes on their website in just $15. Following are the courses which Udemy has to offer on our demand.

Complete MBA in just 1 course

A Former Goldman Sachs employee has taken classes from some universities in the past, and condensed those courses into a full-fledged but one course, that he described it as “an entire MBA.

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Web developer course

For those people who would like to design their own website and mobile applications, it is the right place to learn because Udemy is offering a detailed course of web developer. This course is mostly liked by the people and its duration is just six weeks of classes.

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How to become an outstanding writer

Writing is something which is required in every field, from normal conversation on mobile to sending professional emails, once you know the techniques of writing you will be able to write anything. This course will teach you the skills of how to make your conversation clear and concise.

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Excel programmer course

Excel is perhaps the most influential tool I your computer, if you know how to manipulate it. This course is for the beginners, who want to learn the basic understanding of the course, like how to make spreadsheet, the coding language of Excel and how to create their own Macros.

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Building a personal brand

Creating a strong personal brand to showcase on social media is the most difficult task to do. But Gary Vaynerchuk is a three-time New York Times best-selling author, and has his personal media company, so you can expect his course is full of wise advice.

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iOS 10 Developer course

If you are tired of seeing simple apps becoming famous worldwide but you have the creative and different idea to bring in to the world of Apps then this course will permit you to fulfill your dream. Be taught to design and build apps for iOS 10, even if you have no previous knowledge of coding.

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