First ever motorbike-hailing service by Uber

Without any doubt, Uber is one of the most successful companies in using technology to manage a  service of daily life such as taxi companies. Although the company has given a lot to learn by legal arguments from other associations of taxi drivers, we must emphasize that if there is a positive word to describe it, that word would be ‘innovation.’

It,s proof can be seen that , Uber started with a pilot project in Bangkok, Thailand, which offers two-wheelers taxi service instead of four-wheeled vehicle,. Uber Moto will be a choice for Thai Uber users who today can choose the type of vehicle they want to pick them up. Of course, when using a scooter, the price of the service will be reasonably cheaper.

The new army of Uber drivers is comply with all safety standards, as the company supposed on its blog. The Uber drivers will use distinctive vests Uber, they should provide a helmet to the passenger before the trip and  handled with the necessary precautions.

There are some questions in the mind of customers like

1.What are the rates? As, rates has been disclosed and  have a fixed commission of ten baht (฿ 10), equivalent to US $ 0.28. Then the customer will have the option to pay per kilometer or minute  and the price per kilometer would be ฿ 3.5 ($ 0.10) and the per minute would be ฿ 0.85 ($ 0.02). Customers can pay cash, although Uber ATM  gives option  to pay by credit card.

uber in india

2.Why in Thailand? In the statement, Uber told that  it had chosen to launch the pilot project in Bangkok because it is one of the largest cities in the world where the use of motorcycles is highly popular,  also the city has notorious traffic problems. This is not the first pilot Uber plan, last year they launched a similar program with rickshaws in India however, the desired success was not achieved and the company had to close that  pilot plan.


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