Foods helpful to get rid of garlic smell from mouth


garlic smell

Foods helpful to get rid of garlic smell from mouth

We know it all that spaghetti, tzatziki, aioli panned in garlic oil were simply hard to resist. But hardly the last bite is plastered, a mouthful of an aftertaste spreads in the mouth – the one likes to accompany even a few days.

You suck peppermint sweets in the hourly action and brush your teeth with enthusiasm: but the bad breath remains.No wonder, because these methods are only superficial.Scientists at Ohio State University have tested a variety of foods that can help reduce garlic emissions more effectively.Here are their top 4.

Raw Apples

Just the enzyme that makes freshly cut apples brown when they are too long in the fresh air, refreshes your breath when you look too deep into the Aioli patty. It acts as a deodorant, which neutralizes the sulfur compounds contained in the garlic from the garlic.

raw apple

Lemon Juice

When garlic is pressed, it releases more unpleasant fragrances than when it is cut (a reason to use a garlic cutter instead of a press). During the pressing more cells are destroyed, whereby the enzyme alliinase is released. Although this is responsible for a variety of the health benefits of the garlic, but also for the mouth odor after that. Lemon juice neutralizes the enzyme, and thus the garlic flag.

lemon juice

Green Tea

Green tea contains many polyphenols, which belong to the group of antioxidants. Like the enzymes in the apple, these substances also help to curb the smell of the tubers.

green tea garlic smell


If you want to enjoy a double serving of Zaziki, drink a glass of milk. Milk can destroy up to 50 percent of the sulfur compounds in the breath. The more fatty it is, the greater the effect.


The following applies to all four foods: They only work when you eat them together with the garlic-containing food. You may not have to go so far as to dice apple slices in Aioli, but a cup of green tea to the kebab could be worth a try.

How long do you smell of garlic?

How long the garlic odor persists varies from person to person and also depends on the amount of garlic that you take to you. If you do not take any countermeasures, as a rule, after one day the worst is over and only particularly sensitive people take the garlic smell then still true. In extreme cases, however, it may take up to three days for the odor-forming substances to be completely degraded and evaporated. With the above mentioned tips you can prevent garlic smell.