From today Google aid will be available to Android Users


Google assistant

From today Google aid will be available to Android Users

There is a good news for all android users now you can get new assistant, such as Siri of Apple but yet more efficient than that. Google launched its new service through a 31 sec ad. Now any android user can have a free helper.

Till now the information is not available related which android model will be to avail this service and which will not, but if are fortunate you will be to use it today. Android help will make your life easy it is an updated version of google previous assistant. Have had artificial intelligence and talk in more human like manner, it can make grocery check list for you, make reminders and many more.

Firstly it was decided that google assistant will only available in Google’s phones pixel & pixel XL and it was considered as the “Unique Selling Point” for those phones. But latterly google decided to launch this service in all android phones.

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