Google is trying to overcome the issues of You Tubers


You tubers

Google is trying to overcome the issues of You Tubers

YouTube is still again in problem, all major brands took action and pulled out their budget out from YouTube, they states that YouTube should reconsider its policies regarding the placement of ads. They opt to place the ad of major brands in those videos which contain extremist content.

All those brands took a notice in this regard they come up with the view that such placement will have had really bad impact on the image of their brands.

To overcome this issue Google jumped in the process to clarify the issues, Google decided to change the policy and making mind to keep certain boundaries and barrier regarding where ads must be placed.

Some of the major marketing companies are planning to cutout their brand placement via YouTube, for that sakes they are using other networking cities.

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To see the circumstances of this situation, google decided to jump in and promised to take best possible action in this regard, which will benefit both the advertisers and video creators. Though they mentioned this task is not as simple as it seems because every minute almost 500 videos placed on YouTube, then filtering them, checking the content of them and then placing videos on right point is a serious issue, and not a cup of tea. But google will make any strategy in this dimension.

Actually advertisers are not the only party who suffered due to wrong placement, some video makers are either not happy. They states that filtering is not doing fine, few you tubers whose only source of income is ads, but they are not getting right amount of ads due to which there is a hurdle in their way to earn money.

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One you tuber is Matan Uziel who makes videos on real women issues, which include all dimension and cover every possible issue. When Google starts this filtering process. His page is not getting single penny because of no availability of ads. He states that: “It’s a nightmare,” he said. “I can’t trust YouTube anymore.”

Actually it not a human that are operating system, that involves an artificial intelligence whose criteria of shortlisting videos are entirely different than humans in this dimension.

But there is a huge probability regarding betterment of this system after the involvement of the Google in this particular manner.

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