How digital technology is ruining childhood?

Tree house with all the toys and storybooks placed in it, bunch of little friends so excited to spend their summer evening playing up on the tree house having cookies and glass of milk. Paper planes and Frisbee flying all across the playground, water fights, kids running to catch each other, little fights to have turn on the swing, such a healthy and beautiful childhood.

The innocent and beautiful childhood is now somewhere lost in the advancement of technology. Our children are now indulge in the gadgets more than their toys and spending time with other kids in the neighborhood. There are no more cheers on flying the paper plane but to score high in Galaxy Jet Fighter game. Our kids like to play video games and they socialize online rather than in person. They find it necessary to have the Internet connection and mobile phones by the time they enter teen and they name is as “important”. No offense that the study today demands kids to surf Internet to get information and know how of some things. And yes it is good for them to have information about the things they study and things apart from their study whatever the world is up to and what inventions science is coming up with. But that does not means that the children will just stick to the study course, they are kids, inquisitive to know about as many things as they can, it is basically the parents’ duty to keep an eye and monitor their kids.

Although the healthy childhood is stolen by the technology but it has provided ease to minimize the fatigue of mothers with the toddlers. We can teach our kids poems and alphabets and animal names and can help them learn to identify and know some basic things by the bundle of apps on our smart phones like ABC Quick, Kids Learning Corner, A to Z All etc.

Its not that we cant give our children that healthy and active childhood, we can. All we have to take care of is a balance between the use of technology and spending time with children all by our self and also about letting them have some outdoor activities.

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