How Mobile Apps and Technology Are Advancing Fashion World?

The word fashion instantaneously brings to mind a flash of colors with a dash of glamour. Fashion plays an increasingly important role in an individual’s life because it is considered as a mean of self-expression. The rich, the famous, the political figures somehow and the royalty have always moved trends of fashion. Something different and yes it becomes fashion, the famous celebrity in lousy pajamas with messy hairdo, if looks cool, which they sure do, it becomes fashion for the admirers. There are no boundaries and parameters; something unique, up-to-date and different is fashion though people like me, at times find those trends awful.

The advertising media also contributes equally to update us about the daily style trends of clothes, accessories and gadgets as well. Fashion is not just about the trendy wearable, the new technology and upcoming gadgets are fashion too. Not only clothes and footwear have variety of styles, the machinery also falls in category of fashion by new designs, updated stuff and aesthetics. Variety of designs and features makes it a bit difficult to choose but no matter what, these technologies have put life to hell of an ease. No offense technology alters stuff the way you like and makes it what it is not but what we want!

Lots of software are fashion boosters, any model can be given complete makeover from head to toe using “Photoshop”…that is only one software I named, there must be many more. Now what that is…it’s a smart move, enhancement and exaggeration that is shown to people to grab their attention and induce desire to be alike. Now you guys might be thinking that you’ll have to get classes for learning the software, give it a break because this smart approach is now a click away. I just wonder that we are bound to our technology but at the very moment I realize that it is the necessity, its fun and moreover quiet a good time pass.

I believe that the downloadable apps are the better future; we get to have each and everything as an app on our phones from recipes to house décor, from selling to buying, from makeup tutorials to makeovers actually. I mean the mobile apps are the vast sea of lots and lots of stuff anything to like, you want it you have it!

It’s no more difficult to look beautiful in one tap, sounds insane, but it is not. Youcam, Instabeauty, Candycam, all these apps provide you ease to look beautiful. Wake up in the morning no matter you’ve washed your face or not, take a selfie and these apps will beautify you, ready to share your picture on your social networks. Extrtaselfie is a step ahead app, it offers you variety of clothes and hairstyles and other accessories, now what else on earth a girl would want if she gets to look adorable just a tap away.

We get to have fun, learn new tips and tricks, have a good laugh and we socialize too through such apps and other social medias and no offense but the urge to be trendy and beautiful never ends no matter it is a boy or a girl because everyone feels good when looks good.

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