How to achieve overnight success in the tech world?

This is a common phrase and repeatedly thoughtful notion all across the globe, if not everyone is expecting, at least everyone is aware of it and who doesn’t want miracle? This is not actually the desire pertaining to new tech world but an innate human desire running through the genes of Homo sapiens, since centuries .All the development we can see around us has never happened over night and could never have happened over night but an evolutionary process and outcome of continuous contemplation of brilliant minds since ages. The logic and rationality behind the unavailability of overnight success or its scarcest status is because of the balance and harmony inevitably required to retain, sustain and maintain the operation of nature.

Nature works in perfect and immaculate manner of balance and justice, the formation of nature and its mechanics are totally against the success and presence of overnight success phenomenon and if and with a big IF  nature allows an overnight success in tech world is some very special case , it is always planned and designed for some untold objective of wider scope .If in certain case studies of alleged overnight successes ,if we dissect  the facts , there will be amazing truths  of collective wisdom and power of natural selection . While discussing further the concept of overnight success in the light of nature, it will compel me to touch the outline of Darwin theory of evolution and Lamarck’s theory of natural selection, which might not be aspiring for the new breed of aspiring entrepreneurs.

Let’s make it simple that apparently, there is no such thing as overnight success, unless you have some very special arrangement with the nature. The point is, do you trust me? Do you believe me on this and you going to buy this theory? Even if you think, I m wrong, please do prove me wrong and it will be your overnight success.

On a serious note , the economics of the present world is revealing its cruel form in the shape of competition and you are welcome to the stream of awakened market , the market that never sleeps and every second someone have something to sell .The market is open and opportunities are abundant and for everyone to prove him/her self . Even if you are going to teach online or even if you have developed a mascara, which you think could be best for the eyes of all American girls and you want to sell it online on Amazon store, you are welcome to the market.

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