How to choose a right domain name for your website?


1.Build your brand establish your identity.

Creating a website is a big step for both the development of your brand, and your credibility. Owning your own domain is like owning a property on the Internet and is a great way to tell the world that you have arrived. So ask yourself the following questions: Can you imagine your domain name one day on a billboard? Printed on thousands of business cards or t-shirts? Once your business grows, your domain name will be quickly omnipresent in your life, so you naturally want to have a good name. You can also use the domain name as a way to tell your potential customers about your activities: Are you, for example, the owner of a bakery called “Mr. flour”, then might be a good domain name be.

Note when registering your domain name, that your domain name in many places – both online and offline will appear. In addition to printing on your promotional materials and business cards your domain name is likely to be your e-mail address. Is your domain, your e-mail address could be Your customers will quickly bring the domain name with you and your company in connection.

2.Easy and Brief.

Even in today’s modern world advertising primarily takes place through word of mouth (or on Facebook). Regardless of how many people love your company or product the name cannot be remember – or how to write this – they cannot tell from your site to their friends. Therefore, make sure that your domain name is memorable, easy to write and is short. The longer the domain name, the greater the likelihood of spelling errors.

3.Be Unique.

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To avoid confusion or loss of potential customers to a similar website, choose a domain name that differs significantly from already existing sites. Avoid buying a domain name, which is a plural version of an existing website or simply is a .net if the .com is already taken. While you perform a search for your domain name, check similar names, to see if your desired domain name is truly unique. Consider buying other domains that are similar to your own domain, so that no one can buy these names otherwise and created a competing site. Should for example your website, you can also purchase

4.Avoid punctuation.

We recommend your domain name free of hyphens (-), underscores (_) and to keep numbers. Punctuation in domain names make it harder for the customer to remember your domain name and can make it cumbersome, this verbally to explain. (Should I write out the number “three”?) If you tell people about your new website, you do not want to fall into endless discussions, which symbol is a hyphen and which is an underscore. Avoiding punctuation is also a better choice for your website optimization. Be sure to use punctuation, you should stay with hyphens and without underscores.

5.Use Common TLDs.

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Domain names ending in .com, tend generally to the search engines to be listed higher and are easier for visitors to find. In addition, many tend to use .com by default, so that they, even if they do not know the end of a domain name, assume that the domain ends with .com. The .com should be your main domain, other extensions (.net, .org, .biz) you can buy to protect your brand to.

6.Copyright laws.

When choosing a domain name you want, of course offend anyone. Keep therefore playing best away from names that sound like a pre-existing company or even with their reputation. Not only is that it illegal, copyright simply just not done. So resist the urge to use for your new café!

7.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Domain names have a strong influence on the search engine optimization (SEO). Seeking someone for a keyword or phrase in search engines like Google or Bing search, these search engines millions of sites in search of sites that match those terms.

If a keyword the name of a domain is that called “Exact Match Domain”. Seeking someone is, for example, for messages in Hamburg and are “Hamburg News” in the search box at Google, then the exact match domain

 If a keyword in part the name of a domain, this is called “Partial Match Domain”. Seeking someone, for example, the “television science” then a Partial Match Domain. The domain name is one of the first places in search of search engine robots on to find indicators about the content of the page. For this reason, a domain name that already has a keyword about your business, help you achieve a significant advantage over the competition.

Before you begin searching for a domain name, you can brainstorm and create a list of keywords that are related to your business. Then you can search with these keywords and phrases for available domain names. We recommend choosing the right domain name to consider both your company name and keywords – for example or These keywords will help you to be listed higher in the search engines.

With branding and keywords in mind, the search for a domain name are now ready to start and to look at what is available. It may require a few attempts and some creative thinking, but you have fun! Meet with friends or colleagues and try out different names. Once you have found your name and complete your domain registration, the fun really begins!


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