How to create GIFs on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone?

These four free applications are best to create gifs on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone easily.Halfway between the photo and video, animated GIF allows for creative expression of dynamic and fun way. Drag the corner of a conversation or shared on social networks, media file format is back in fashion and brings a touch of originality to your posts, especially when you yourself create your own custom sequences.

1.Gif Me! Camera

best apps to create gifs
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Comprehensive, multi-platform, Gif Me! Camera provides all the tools you need to make animated GIF beautiful. Although that shipping a camera, the application allows you to import your own photos and videos to make short animations. If you prefer to go through the camera Gif Me! Camera , the app offers to choose one of three capture modes (normal, multi, stop motion) according to your needs. Gif Me! Camera performs burst, which allows you to rearrange the captured images, regulate the speed and the number of images per second, and to add to your compositions imported photos from your gallery. The many editing tools at your disposal include color filters, stickers and frameworks to further customize your creations.

+ Supports import photos and videos from the gallery
+ 3 capture modes (normal, multi, stop motion)
+ Many editing tools and personalization
+ speed control and the number of frames per second

– Advertising
– unsightly Interface
– Some features like the Facebook sharing or removing the watermark are reserved for the Pro version of the application

 2.High speed camera

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Open source and more professional, high-speed camera offers a complex interface that will perform well before the master. However, its comprehensive range of features was quick to relegate its ergonomics secondary. As its name suggests, high-speed camera is capable of bursts of images at 40 frames per second HD, with or without sound, in three capture modes (normal, fast, ultra-fast). Of course you can manually change the exposure and contrast, apply basic visual filters, controlling the speed, set the number of frames per second, and share your creations via SMS, email or social networks. Finally, high-speed camera boasts an automatic backup allows you to recover your recent projects in case of false manipulation.

+ Complete, professional and efficient
+ 3 capture modes (normal, fast, ultra-fast)
+ HD quality images
+ speed control and the number of frames per second

– No support for importing your own photos and videos
– Advertising – uninviting Interface
– Features sometimes lack fun


best apps to create gifs 3

Combining animated GIF creator to a keyboard, Giffage draws its originality that is accessible from any e-mail application compatible with the * .gif format.Very easy to learn, Giffage offers GIF video recording editor sidelines of a collection of preset animations. To generate your own sequence, you simply tap the screen should last as long as your loop. Basic tools allow you to apply visual filters to your videos, or add text. You can share your GIF by email or on social networks. If Giffage integrates with alternative keyboards of your different mail, but note that you must first pre-register your footage via the application itself before recovering and send them to your contacts.

+ Presents as an alternative keyboard
+ Easy handling
+ Length GIF left to the discretion of the user

– No support for GIF recording directly from the email application
– No support for importing your own photos and videos
– rudimentary editing tools, if not non-existent
– No Photo recording Photo


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If you need a GIF app that just simply do what is asked, then you should try Blink. App developed by Microsoft Research for Windows Phone owners has an interface so easy to handle that even less experienced users can help themselves. The features offered by Blink are a reflection of its design: efficient but basic. It is you in fact possible to create GIF burst of shots, change brightness and contrast settings, select and retain a portion of the GIF or a particular image, or save and share your projects, provided connect application to your Microsoft account. However, do not rely on filters or some more advanced editing tools.

+ Ability to select a specific portion of the recording
+ Good quality shots

– Features very limited and lacking imagination
– GIF Registration only via one drive

While reserving some features to its Pro version, Gif Me! Camera appears as the application best suited to put your creative genius and artistic practice.Embedding a native camera and supports importing your own photos and videos, the application gives free rein to your imagination. The comprehensive range of tools and filters available to you gives the possibility to enjoy your creations before sharing them with friends via SMS, email and on social networks.


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