How to download Android Apps on Windows 10 in your system


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How to download Android Apps on Windows 10 in your system

Due to the rising demand of the android apps this article came in form that will provides you with various benefits and ways through which you can download the android apps on your windows Pc.

Actually there are various free apps available in the market that are able fulfill these needs, among them all one app that is very efficient is BlueSlack. Though it will provide you the access to the android phones but yet it is not an ultimate solution, doesn’t take you in the land of android world. But yet it is good in its own manners.

Actually this app works with the collaboration of google, so to access it is mandatory that there must be an access to the google account in your phone. Blueslack is mainly beneficial for downloading games, they provides thousands of options related to the games. But as far as other apps are concerned it is hard to have access on them on your Pc device. Though it work in your Pc in a same manner as the Play Store works on any android device. The best part about this app is that it is easy to use and is extremely user friendly.

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We have to admit that this app is not perfect in its formation, it do contains some flaws in its being, and one of the major flaw is the quality and screening of app or a game, actually sometimes it is not that clear to see complete image of the screen. Due to lack of clear visibility the experience of the customers may affect in every possible manner.

The back-end format of the app effects the user experience a lot, actually android apps are made for the phones, and those small screens do provide best user experience in its own dimension, but if the same app will be opened on big screen quality will suffer. BlueSlack just emulate the android app in to PC, doesn’t change it back-end formatting that will affect the experience of the user in every possible manner.

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Third one which is most important drawback is apps on android are made for the smart phones those have touch screens on them, Lots of Pc don’t have touch screens due to which user will be unable to get full experience of the app, though they have had provide the option that through Crtl + and Ctrl- you can able to use specs of zoom in and out but the results are neither the same.

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