How to find out who own a specific domain name or a website?

Thousands of Web sites exist on the Internet and behind every website is a person who has purchased the domain name and set up a Web page.Choosing the right domain name is very important so if you want an domain name, find who owns a specific website can using free web-based tools. Contact the right person to buy a domain name, buy a business online or report a problem can be accomplished using the tools.

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1.Go to the WHOIS

How to fing who owns a specidic website 2

Using your web browser, go to the WHOIS website located at:

2.Enter Address

Enter the complete address of the website you want to learn about in the “Enter a domain name to search.” Click “Search” to start your search.


Scroll down and find the item entitled “repose server.” Registrants will be the name and contact information of the person who owns the website, you searched.

4.Right Click

In some cases, you have to go the site it recorded with to receive contact information. Copy the web address located under “for more comprehensive domain information, right click  go to:” and paste it into the browser address box.


Search page for contact details of the site owner.

Tips & Warnings

From the individual to have purchased a domain name have the option to keep their private information for a small fee. If they chose to do it, the site will be registered under a Public Domain society and is as important as the privacy policy of a website.

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