how to increase signal strength of your mobile?

The signal from your mobile phone fail when you need it is one of those things we do not want or our worst enemy, however, we can do several things to avoid solving this problem that does not require a large investment, such as those show below.

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1.Identify which are the places where the signal is stronger

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Go around your house completely and identifies which are the places where the signal is stronger so that when you have an important call to know where to go. On Android devices you can use ” signal strength indicator “ and the iPhone in “serving cell measurements ” that serves to measure how strong your signal.

Once this option is activated only look for the greatest number dBm , the higher the better or stronger will be the signal for a good conversation should be above 100 dBm.

2.Raise your phone

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As the signal is emitted by a tower the greater the proximity to the stronger the signal, so you should raise your phone as well closest to the signal reception is found. My recommendation is to go upstairs trying to eliminate all kinds of obstacles in the way of your signal or you can also leave home, open a window to get enough signal.

3.Reset the connection to the cellphone tower

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Cell phones do not always connect to the nearest phone tower and that is why sometimes it is advisable to reset the link to ensure that the connection is with the nearest tower. This may be achieved by restarting or putting the device in Airplane Mode for a few seconds.

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4. Use calls over Wifi ( VOIP )

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Having a provider of broadband Internet can significantly improve the quality of your signal since all communications go through your router and thus can make calls, send messages and more via yourwifi connection.

5. Change service provider

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The problem with your signal may be that your service provider is not the most suitable for you and you need to change because some have better coverage than others and this influences especially in rural areas. There are services like Ofcom that can help you know what services with better coverage for you and so you can choose the best network.

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