How to make a best android and IOS mobile game?

Who doesn’t want to sneak a peek   into some games like temple run, a complete entertainment package available on android and IOS . The reasons for any mobile phone game to be successful are not all known, even there is myth that some games gets very popular because of the luck of the developer. However, if you are playing a game, for example the Temple Run, even a layman can determine the reasons of its success.

As they say, the idea is paramount and it is actually a universal statement and there is no other way of initiating a successful venture but to have an exclusive and virgin idea in hand. The idea gives a great head start and it also determines the creativity behind the game. It is very easy to play a game but even most naïve of the player can appreciate the creativity of idea before the execution.

If you ask me why I love to play , some games and what makes me excited about them , the first thing I will tell you , is the idea . Even the simplest of the idea and lesser technical, easy to comprehend is always fun to play. Since this is all about idea in the end and in the start, so we should be focusing on the making of the idea . The point is that who is going to make a good idea for best game play and the graphics, those are generally referred as computer generated images. If we explain it in very simple and basic terms, anyone with a fertile mind may and can conceive an idea , Is it really very simple ?

It is off course, not very simply, though it’s not very hard to explain it or elaborate it , that who can make a best idea . While working with a game studio and brain storming with the people of game industry , one may notice that every person is full of ideas in his mind and he/she needs a forum of express his/her ideas .Listening to the ideas is itself a very hard task as some ideas are instantly , announced and considered stupid , they are even out rightly rejected and ridiculed as well .The myth here is , that most stupid ideas are sometimes most workable and effective .

The important point is letting the people express and making them speak about their ideas , the more the people in the brain storming session are expressive and vocal with confidence , the more is the possibility and probability of getting a workable ,”stupid” idea .The best person for the best ideas is the person , who is generally crazy about gathering the information and making it useful for the making of new ideas . The people who are more creative to bring out best of the ideas are very keen to continue making ideas, either someone is appreciating it or not. However, the unwritten morality of creativity says that all ideas should be appreciated, either workable or not.

A game that I have seen, a while ago, monkey fruit catch, seems to be developed with a s*** idea , maybe I shouldn’t use the word stupid idea but somehow , it is being downloaded and even people are liking its graphics and smooth game play so is it really a myth ?






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