How to meet up the deadlines of your to-do list at work?


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How to meet up the deadlines of your to-do list at work?

Most often there’s surprising amount of work found in our to-do list. But we still can’t manage to complete the tasks every day, whether it could be the daily bombardment of emails or persistent distraction of phone calls. I frequently have days when I don’t even manage to tick a single thing off my list. So the whole evening is spend by worrying about that why I cannot meet the deadlines, feeling bad, and with this stress, I cannot focus on my work.

So what do we do, if we think our work is great, then we will face less trouble, but we are not able to actually say that “I’ve had a great day at work”. After going back to home feeling fantastic about the day and not stressing about the day give you a help. But some things you have to keep in mind.

Focus on what’s happening at present

We start off by discussing the time perspectives we have in life. Some of us mostly think about our past and present and have a “detailed perspective” but some of us think about our future and have a “bigger picture” about it. But sometimes it’s difficult for us to have a healthy balance between the two and most of us aren’t very good at getting a positive perspective on the past, and we focus on negatives and they have huge impact in our lives.

Often times, we already have good things but we didn’t realize its worth. I love my work, and I am happy but I am not enjoying the moment and I actually realizing it on daily basis. And it’s getting worst and worst. So when you face that kind of situation there is homework to do, take the to-do list with you at home and make up a plan that how you will accomplish it. In addition, always try to think positive about your past. The reason to apply this technique will help you out to think positive about your present and forget about your past.

Focus on what you take pleasure in

The next day when you go back to work, start practicing the technique, think positive about your past and present as well. You will see the surprising effects; you will think positively and forget about negatives.

Congratulate yourself

Plan the to-do list of your next day, always allocate first hour and complete the boring tasks first. Then check your emails, and move on to your most productive period by ticking off the to-do list. So there you go, by practicing this technique you will notice that your performance is improving day by day. And you will be successful to manage your to-do list in a better way.


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