how to reduce stress by performing different relaxation techniques?

What are the 6 ways to relax according to scientists?

After doing a lot of work and spending a hectic day, there comes a need for a person to relax. But when you are stressed it’s not easy for you to get rid of it because your mind is also disturbed. So if you want to break out from that kind of situation, here are 15 ways recommended by science to de-stress the situation.



Get a massage

Yes getting a massage is the most relaxing way to get out of the situation is stressing you out. It is generally believed that massage is a part of harmonizing and unconventional medicine. Some of the studies of massage revealed that it is an valuable treatment to get out of stress, pain and muscle tension.



Meditation is reduction. It is not about to concentrate on something but it’s about how to de-concentrate. Meditation will confer a calm mind, good concentration, better clarity and relaxation of mind and body. It lowers blood pressure and it nourishes and cleanses you from the inside and mind.



Exercise regularly

For having a fresh mind, it is very significant to have a relaxed body. Exercise regularly will relax your body and will propel positive signals to your mind which will in turn reduces the stress and tension of your mind.

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Take a hot bath

If you had a stressful day at work, then you have to take a warm bath. According to the National Institute of Health, a warm bath will help to increase the blood flow, by this means it condense the inflexibility and pain in your joints. The lesser the pain in the body, the less will be stress in your mind.

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Take a deep breath

Taking a deep breath is what the American Institute of Stress calls “super stress buster”. By taking shorter breaths will diminish the stress and anxious with which we are dealing. Thus by calculatingly taking deep breaths will boost the availability of oxygen in your brain. This sequentially arouses the nervous system also called digest system since it is the part of the nervous system so it deliberate the heart rate and unwind the muscles.

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Put up the shutters of your eyes and picture your desired visiting spot

Day dreaming is another way to keep your mind relaxed and de-stress. Some psychologists recommend that day dreaming it’s not just for fun and relaxation, it also reduces the stress and make you feel calm and refreshes your mind.

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