Whatsapp latest updates:How to use bold, italic Strikethrough Formatting Features in Whatsapp?

WhatsApp has cool new features that are going to make life easier, this is what you should know about the most popular mobile messenger world, Whats App, released new mobile version Android and iPhone and comes loaded with new features that make this application a real pleasure.From video editing to the possibility of sharing PDF , through better organization of messages and files shared with our friends.

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Today we tell everything new that brings this version of WhatsApp .

Video Editing and Text Formatting

whatsapp new text formatting feature

Previously WhatsApp allowed us to trim videos if they were too long to send, but that was all. In its new version, the application gives us new tools that will be quite useful.

Instead of cutting the final piece of a video to shorten it , you can now select any part , no matter if you are in the middle, and send it to avoid having to use external tools . Also, if you receive a video you can see it in a pop -up window without leaving the chat and even give zoom as you would with a photo.

On the side of the text , now WhatsApp allows the use of italics, bold and strikethrough on what we write using symbols. The use of symbols can be somewhat annoying, but quickly going to memorize.

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Sharing files and PDF from the cloud

sharing pdf files on whatsapp

In the latest update of WhatsApp , the messenger acquired the ability to share files from the cloud and now complements allowing send PDF files from sources like Google Drive , One Drive and Dropbox.

If you want to send a photo or video you can also select hosted multimedia material in your accounts in the cloud , something that was not possible before.

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Group Conversations

group conversation in whatsapp

Texts, photos, videos, documents, links, etc. In WhatsApp can send and receive a lot of things , but if you want to access a particular one before you had to go all the chat history to find them .In its new version WhatsApp sorts the contents of chats and have the option of accessing either individual or group conversations to what was shared in them specifying which is what you want to see a more than useful option.

If your chat history with a friend or group is too long it is always the possibility of erasing and now becomes more comfortable as you can mark the messages that you want to retain and dispose of the rest.The changes add up and continue but clearly today they show are the most important . If you do not see the new version of WhatsApp you should expect to be released in your country or if you’re using Android install the beta and take advantage of these tools before anyone else.

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