Intel & Mobileye acquisition give boost to car technology


Intel and mobileye

Intel & Mobileye acquisition give boost to car technology

Intel is acquiring Mobileye (An Israeli Technology Company) that is active in the production of chips for driverless cars, the deal is valued at $ 15.3 billion. Mobileye Intel could purchase their dream to achieve progress in the field of driverless cars.

The sources indicates that the Intel, BMW and Mobileye intend to engage each other until the end of this year 40 cars for test-driving public roads the way. Intel and Mobileye technology will be tested on the streets of Europe and United States.

Mobileye’s purchase by Intel hours before it was officially confirmed, it would be a huge investment in the field of driverless cars for the giant chip manufacturer is. Intel recently announced that more than $ 250 million over the next two years will invest to develop driverless cars, but this is a more significant $ 15 billion contract.

This contract will allow the assets of Intel includes chips Xeon, Memory 3D XPoint, modems, 5G and FPGA combined with technology, computer vision, automatic Mobileye be, in other words the eyes of intelligent self-driving car with smart brain is actually steer the car to is responsible.

Mobileye has long been engaged in the development of systems and chips that help to auto routing. The company’s first Tesla chips used for automatic driving system, but after a failed Mobileye technology was a crash between a truck crossing the sky behind it and distinguish it stopped working.



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