Internet user is actually a consumer not buyer

You are the buyer and you are the seller, it hard to find a person, playing a single role but dual role is the role inevitable for all us to survive and for the society to progress through this duality of roles. It is not only the society that grows through it but it’s the basic principle of the market and of economics .You may sell a product or a service but you will be buying a product and a service at the same time. The world which is recently named as a global village, have actually become a huge market of trade on the internet. The dynamics and mechanics of the market are same, however it is virtually a real market .The buyer is buying the real commodities and vice versa. Did the forefathers of internet contrived to make it a market and have they planned to get hold of its major share on the basis of their stature.

If we analyze the level of equal opportunity available on internet for organizations, companies, nations and individuals the apparent instant answer is, its equal chance for everyone to grow through online business and through this new digital world. But you may not deny the fact, that certain leverage and head start is being enjoyed by some countries and some organizations. We should say that they really deserve it.

So if you are looking for consumers all across the globe and the E-commerce is something you have not started as yet and you are still planning to expand through it , it is late as yet . One should start considering himself as consumer first and buyer first of the many entertainment services available on the internet, while using those service, the individual becomes a potential buyer and consumer and so on. If you are an internet user, you are potential buyer and you can be seller too at the same time. Think about it J




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