It’s been 7 years, still not obvious what an Ipad is for


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It’s been 7 years, still not obvious what an Ipad is for

Steve Jobs introduced the Ipad to the world on 27th January 2000. He said that all of us use laptops and smartphones, and the question has arisen that is there a room for third category of devices?

Apparently Apple’s answer to this query was the Ipad, but to start a journey of a device with a question have been bit confusing and another question arises that how successful it would be in the future. “The bar is pretty high”, Jobs said. “In order to really create a category of new devices, those devices are going to have to be far better at doing some really important things, better than the laptop and Smartphone”.

The Ipad has been assorted sack, because in various ways, it has attained what Steve Jobs asked of it, but hasn’t really come up to the mark, like the Iphone.

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When Ipad was first launched, it was the second largest business line, after Iphone. But gradually Ipad was shifted into fourth place in terms of proceeds. The Mac has started attaining more revenue from Apple than Ipad. Although Apple has pretty much persistently sold far fewer Macs Ipads since the tablet’s original commence.

When Ipad was on the “Post-PC” era, Mac sales have continued consistent for Apple over the last seven years. In an interview with Recode’s Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at the D8 Conference in 2010, Jobs said he saw computers like trucks once the most commonplace vehicle on the road, but eventually outnumbered by more consumer-friendly vehicles such as cars. So, too, computers would be outnumbered by Smartphones and tablets. Although we’re only seven years into this era, it does seem that the real winner has been the Smartphone.

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Apple is now planning to launch its newer Ipad as a productivity tool even it will be considered a full-grown computer. The company’s style, the pencil facilitates creative professionals to design products or receive notes on their Ipads, and the new keyboard case is so comfortable to use that you could write stories easily, scan spreadsheets or make presentations from an Ipad like you do on a computer. But the Ipad is still stuck in a same position that what it really is and designed for when it was first launched.

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