Knowing about Social Media addiction, we can’t avoid it


social media addiction

Knowing about Social Media addiction, we still can’t avoid it

Users of internet do know that they are getting addict of social media but still can’t get over it, research indicates that people opt for social media for most of the hours of the day without having knowledge in certain manner.

Basically people use social media more often, because they perceive that if they don’t use it they will miss some very important information, regarding their peers and will not able to know what is happening in their lives. Initially people opt for the phones do peer pressure. If everyone else have a phone they should have it too. Otherwise, they will be considered outdated.

Facebook has 18.6 billion monthly active users, Pinterest has 1.7 billion monthly active users, and 500 million users of Instagram and WhatsApp have 1.2 billion users. In these active users few people are those who don’t really like social media but still use it because their friends, family and collagenous use it.

Notification is a very powerful technique used by apps to engage their users, and attract them towards their social networking site. It creates an urge within the user that he must see what is in the story. Notification always show incomplete story but yet in most persuasive way that user is dying to see it, which ultimately creates addiction towards certain site.

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