Life :A blend of E-commerce Technology and Online Shopping

While thinking of buying something , that you have always wished for and not finding the time or opportunity to buy it from the market and delaying it for some better circumstances. This was the past and the scene of previous decades. The distance is geographically same but virtually negligible. You don’t have time to visit or you don’t have chance to travel to a place to buy something unique or you are just lazy to move, it doesn’t matter anymore. Everything is just a click away, Google it, select it buy it and it will be delivered at your place. Technically it is called e- commerce  but we may hypothetically say, it is a new world of business.

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Even they say if you are not online, you are not actually doing business. The market have been condensed and expanded at the same time but if you are online, you cannot reap the fruits of this expanded market. Living in Brazil and buying a hoody from china and getting it delivered at your home in one hour is no more a miracle but a hot reality. It is just like sending a text message or a photograph through whatsapp messenger across the continent in less than a second or two.

The dimensions of e-commerce are diversified, hightech and sometimes complex for the manufacturers and for enterprises but they make sure to keep it simplest for the buyers. The simplicity of online selling for the buyers is basic principle of online seller. The easy to use and user friendly system of booking an order increases the market and consumer base. The reason behind this requirement of simplicity is that not all the internet users are eloquently computer literate and most of them prefer to pass through the simplest steps for completing a transaction. Depending who is your consumer and after understanding and apprehending the demographics of the potential consumer the software of the online selling websites is developed.

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Buying a mobile phone online is not that difficult a task as far as the steps involved. However, buying a right kind of phone at right price is something still crucial. The technology is however advanced, and steps to execute a transaction are easiest but the means to buy, knowledge and information to buy a right thing are same and even you need to know more to buy the best. The choices are extensive and if you can have a right pick you are the lucky shopper.  Even if you are buying a latest apple iphone or a learning app for your toddler the choices are unlimited. It is like a fish market and you are dealing with hundreds of sellers, selling and telling you about the qualities and attributes of their products , even if you are simply willing to download a quick abc learning app like abc quick, it is still a task. Summing it up,science and technology have made the life easier but the life has just become more technological.

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