Living in Fairytale of a Digital World

Years and years back there was a concept of dreaming about ‘prince charming’ and making fantasies about how he would look like and when will he come to fetch us. Those feelings and those knitting of thoughts sound beautiful and more magical just like the fantasy of having fairies flying with their tiny wings sprinkling the glittery dust all around, fancy being tiny creatures.

Not anymore, the era of fantasies and fancy thoughts is transformed into the fantastic world of technology where our fantasies are good to be true. Not a single thought is going to be a thought, we are and we will be living through it. No concept of waiting for any prince remains when we have an open network to reach out for people of our interest and search for our soul mate all by ourselves. No need of a fairy-godmother to grant us the wish and make the meeting with the charming prince possible.

It’s the digital era, here magic happens with the technology getting advance. A robot can be your fun company, it can talk back to you and respond to what you ask and say, that’s what the magic of digital world is, that’s the fantasy we never had actually, to be honest, but we are living through it. It won’t be wrong if I say that it’s just a start. There is a long way to go where cars could fly over our heads and characters of cartoon movies like minions and Olaf could be talking and walking, actually tangible things. The games that we play on our phones today, we could be a part of those games and could run along Rexy in Jurrasic Runner and could fly with the fairies in the game fairy jungle fly. What a super cool time will it be. This digital world is so good to live in, we are living the things what our grandparents had only fancied about in their childhood. Maybe not even fancied.

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