Methods to make Whatsapp beneficial for your business


whatsapp for business

Methods to make Whatsapp beneficial for your business

WhatsApp is a really effective tool these days, for enhancing business some of the ways are available as follow:

Used For Customer Support & Engagement

WhatsApp can be used to engage customers, providing them updates regarding your product. You can not only send text along with that can be send updates and information through Gifs, pictures and videos. This is an effective and personalized marketing tool and can be used to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Each and every promotional tool is used for the sake message conveyed to your selected target audience. Though could it be better to reach personally to your customers though WhatsApp.

Promotion &Advertising through WhatsApp:

WhatsApp can be used for the sake of promotion, you can keep your customers inform regarding new discount, sale or any other update through these steps:

  • Change your profile picture in to promotional picture and keep your customers update.
  • Secondly you can upload video, picture and gifs of your promotional strategy in your WhatsApp story

All those traditional medium used for promotion WhatsApp is most effective & cost effective for them.

Attain Customer Feedback:

As Bill Gates states that the “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

So how you will be able to learn from them if you don’t know them and will not get their feedback and response. WhatsApp is really effective medium to get feedback and market analysis regarding your product without affecting your goodwill and repute in the eye of other customers.

Useful For Internal Coordination:

WhatsApp is not just beneficial for external collaboration along with that internal coordination will be beneficial in this regard, manager can make a group and can convey message either audio, text or video to complete group. Which will be more impactful than emails.

Customized services for different kinds of business:

Free Gifts To Your Customers:

You can giveaway small customized gifts to your customers to retain them and increase their presence in your online or offline store.

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